Monday, March 2, 2020,
Railroad Square Cinema, Waterville

In one of Alfred Hitchcock’s earliest films, based on a story by John Steinbeck, seven people with different personalities and backgrounds—an international journalist, a rich businessman, a radio operator, a nurse, a steward, a sailor, and an engineer with communist tendencies—are stranded together on a lifeboat in the Atlantic Ocean after their passenger freighter is sunk by a German U-boat. Trouble begins when a man they pulled out of the water turns out to be from the U-boat. (NR, 100 minutes.) The film will be introduced by Colby Assistant Professor of History Arnout van der Meer.

This screening is presented in conjunction with the Colby Museum exhibition Hew Locke: Here’s the Thing, on view Feb. 20 through June 7. The exhibition focuses on maritime vectors of mercantilism, colonialism, post-colonialism, migration, and diaspora. This screening is free and open to all. The museum, in collaboration with Railroad Square Cinema, presents this series of films related to current exhibitions and collections.

Contact: Qianni Zhu,

Public event