Friday, October 6, 2017,
Waterville Opera House

Ride a wave of music and laughter as romantic sailors, sisters, cousins, and aunts sing and dance their way across the deck of the fanciful British naval vessel with the improbable name. The very proper Captain Corcoran and ridiculously pompous Sir Joseph Porter preside, the villainous Dick Deadeye speaks the ugly truth, and Little Buttercup reveals the outrageous mistake that allows true love to overcome the problems of class distinction. Memorable signature tunes abound on board ship and the riotous “Bell Trio” sparks a celebration in Act II. This touring production is a special partnership with the Waterville Opera House, and Colby Theater and Dance Department, Office of the Provost, Department of Music, and Center for the Arts and Humanities. Tickets and more information available online at the Waterville Opera House.

Public event