Monday, March 18, 2019,
Parker-Reed Room, Schair-Swenson-Watson Alumni Center

The military is one of the most diverse American institutions; success is a function of bringing people from different backgrounds and perspectives together to achieve a common goal. How do military leaders promote inclusivity? How are diverse talents identified? What gets in the way of leading a diverse organization? Hear LCDR Melissa Maclin ’98, Naval intelligence officer, and Commander (RET) Michael D. Wisecup, Colby Presidential Leadership Fellow and former Navy Seal, explore these issues to help you develop your own inclusive leadership style.

We will begin with a small case study on the Bin Laden mission. Please take a look at this piece in The New Yorker or this Guardian article to refresh your understanding of this situation.

Sponsored by the Goldfarb Center for Public Affairs.

Contact: Sherry Berard,, 207-859-5319

Public event