Sunday, February 22, 2015,
Bixler / 178 Given Auditorium

x = independently organized event.
Theme: Disruption and Deviation
Location: Given Auditorium, Bixler Art and Music Center
A young traveler wanders aimlessly along a dirt path under the scorching
sun of the desert in search of water. Every so often, there is a fork in that
path. There exists other paths that branch off the one that he is on. He
cannot see where those paths lead, only that they stretch endlessly into the
horizon. Every step of the way, there is a lingering question. Is this the right
path? Is this the path that society tells me to be on or the one I tell myself
that I should be on? What happens if I leave from this path? What will
become of me?
Change can be a blessing as well as a curse, and in a world of constant
ideological and technological evolution, there exists friction between those
resisting and those accepting of disruptive and deviant activities.
With an impact blind to industry or profession, these two profound ideas
have the potential to shift our thoughts forward into realms previously
unexplored, and together, represent the driving force behind history's
greatest leaps from the status quo.
Deviance is all around us and most importantly, it is within us. What makes
a difference is whether or not we act upon the driving force that the
deviance begets. How we adapt to disruption and deviation in our lives, is
solely upon us.
On Sunday, February 22nd, 2015, TEDxColbyCollege welcomes you to
explore the intricacies of disruption and the promises of deviation through
the lens of academics, innovators, and visionaries.

This year’s speakers include: Aquib Yaccob ’15, Brian Martinez ’17, Professor of Government Walter Hatch, Dean Joseph Atkins, State Representative Henry Beck ’09, and more.

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