Wednesday, March 4, 2015,
Diamond / 142 Ostrove Auditorium

"The Man from Oran," written by, directed by, and starring Lyès Salem portrays Algeria's political leaders betraying revolutionary ideals after gaining independence from France in 1962. The film's protagonist, Djaffar, has no interest in the independence movement. Djaffar and his friend Hamid find themselves involved in the murder of a French farmer and flee. Consequently, the farmer's vengeful son rapes Djaffar’s wife and she later gives birth to a son before dying in despair. All this is kept secret from Djaafar until after the war, when he returns home to a hero’s welcome. He accepts his son but asks everyone to act as if the rape never occurred. His friend Hamid – now a minister in the new government – helps him rewrite the past. But year after year the two friends grow apart, and their deliberate falsification of history has terrible consequences for them, their friends and families, and for the country as well.

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