Monday, March 2, 2015,
Diamond / 142 Ostrove Auditorium

Hilary Hoynes ‘83, Professor of Public Policy and Economics and Co-Editor American Economic Review; Haas Distinguished Chair of Economic Disparities; and Richard & Rhoda Goldman School of Public Policy, UC-Berkeley.

Hoynes's lecture examine the impacts of the Great Recession on the most vulnerable – those with low incomes. She investigates how poverty trended through the recession and explore the role of the social safety net in protecting outcomes. This analysis is important in light of the changing safety net in the U.S., in particular the decline of welfare and the rise in the Earned Income Tax Credit. Furthermore, with significant expansions in the social safety net in the Great Recession – extensions to Unemployment Insurance and the Food Stamp Program – she investigates whether the safety net is doing more or less protection compared to earlier recessions.

Public event