Monday, February 9, 2015,
Davis Science Building / 301 Classroom

Stu Alden, Towers Watson
Monday, February 9
Refreshments: 3:30 outside Davis 216
Talk: 4:00 in Davis 302

Everything you always wanted to know about Social Security* (* but didn't want to ask)

Depending on your information source, you may hear that the Social Security program is a) doing just fine or b) in imminent danger of collapse. To sift through the rhetoric and develop an informed opinion, we need a basic understanding of the structure and operation of Social Security, as well as some familiarity with the actuarial techniques used to analyze such complex financial arrangements.

We will draw only on the most elementary concepts from math (specifically probability and exponential functions), computer science, economics, finance and accounting. The discussion will be fully accessible to anyone interested in one or more of those topics. We will also survey the wide variety of areas in which actuaries–or anyone equipped to perform financial analyses–can practice.

Public event