Thursday, October 22, 2015,
Diamond / 145

"Is Solar For Me? How to determine if solar is appropriate for your home through basic system design and financing options"

Room 145 in the Diamond Building
During this meeting we will continue to introduce our Mid Maine community to the idea that many people can afford solar systems. We will explore the question “Is Solar for Me?”

While many may make the solar decision based on values alone, the October 22nd meeting is designed to help those who might need more data before signing up to participate in the sight evaluation and quoting process.

We will help you look at your total energy consumption whether it be electricity, oil, gas, propane, or wood. We will quantify your total energy cost with those mixed fuels and the changes you might make. Then, we will factor in solar. We will explore the possibility of optimizing your solar energy generation by adding a heat pump to reduce your use of other fuels

Public event