Friday, April 21, 2017,
Runnals / 201 Dance Studio

Have you always wanted to learn how to tap dance, but never knew where to start? Well, these classes are for you! Free community tap classes aimed at absolute beginners. Convince your friends, and come as a group!
No experience necessary but tap shoes are required.
When: Fridays spring semester starting 2/10/2017
Where: Dunn Dance Studio (2nd Floor of Runnels), Colby College
These free community classes will offer basic tap technique in the Copasetic Canon. “The Copasetic Canon is rooted in the tap technique and repertory, the musical and compositional concepts, and the jazz culture passed down to us from the Copasetics, an ensemble of tap soloists of the Golden Age of Tap. The Copasetics were a performance group and social club, formed in memory of Bill “Bojangles” Robinson, who coined the phrase “Everything is Copasetic.”” (<>)
Students, staff, faculty and Waterville community—all are welcome!

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