Saturday, November 11, 2017,
Bixler / 178 (Given Auditorium)

The Colby Jazz Band explores the question “Is Jazz History Linear?” in two parts over its fall and spring concerts. The fall program will follow varying jazz treks and pathways beginning with George Shutack’s Dixieland-influenced “A Good Night in New Orleans,” through the train travel-inspired “Shuffle” of Erik Morales’s “Out of the Doghouse, to Kris Berg’s alto sax ballad “Lifelong Friends,” all the way to Stevie Wonder’s R&B/Soul/Funk hit “Tell Me Something Good” and the Marcus Miller/Miles Davis electronic jazz hit “Tutu.” Also on the program is a visit to the Latin style of Guaguancó with Michael Mossman’s “Paz Profundo” and to Latin Funk with Bobby Rodriguez’s “Jazz It Up”.

Public event