Saturday, April 21, 2018,
Lorimer Chapel / Chapel, Rose and Lounge

Origins: Annual humanities theme event
Colby College Collegium
Eric Christopher Perry, director
Saturday, April 21, 7:30 p.m.
Lorimer Chapel
Colby College Collegium offers a concert of ‘firsts.’ Whether they be first attempts at choral writing by notable composers, or first choral works that define particular styles, I Am Already Big is a survey of the unique origins of choral music. Juxtaposed with audio samples of each selected composers’ final works, we hope the audience will be interested to see where the journey begins and ends. Sometimes, it surprises… Select works include Bach’s first church cantata, BWV 4: Christ lag in Todesbanden, and Chistoph Graupner’s 1709 cantata, Ach wo nun hin, performed from a modern edition by Dr. Marius Bahnean, Director of Choral Activities at Tennessee Wesleyan University. Dr. Bahnean will also give a pre-concert lecture on the importance of Graupner as an originator. Other featured works include first choral compositions by Mozart, Arvo Pärt, Dominick Argento, and selections of first works from other celebrated composers of today.

Contact: Deb Ward,, 207-859-5670

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