Thursday, September 28, 2017,
Olin / Olin 1

Mountaineer, author, and photojournalist Ed Webster has climbed great mountains and imposing rock faces all over the world. He has established difficult new routes in the Himalaya, the Rocky Mountains, and in Maine’s Acadia National Park. With three other team members, Ed pioneered a new route up the 12,000-foot precipices of Mount Everest's Kangshung Face in Tibet, with no bottled oxygen, radios, or Sherpa support. The 1988 Everest Kangshung Face ascent, was hailed as the last of "the great" Everest expeditions, and one of the most audacious mountaineering feats of all time. Webster has written two definitive guidebooks, Rock Climbs in the White Mountains of New Hampshire and Climbing in the Lofoten Islands of Arctic Norway.

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