Wednesday, April 4, 2018,
Diamond / 142 Ostrove Auditorium

Join the Oak Institute on April 4th at 7 p.m. in Ostrove to welcome 2017 Nobel Peace Laureate, Kathleen Sullivan, PhD. Kathleen has been engaged in the nuclear issue for nearly 30 years, and has worked internationally as an educator for disarmament focusing primarily on two distinct audiences: young people and atomic bomb survivors (hibakusha). Currently, she is the Program Director for Hibakusha Stories, an arts-based initiative that has brought atomic bomb survivors into the lives of some 40,000 New York City High Schools students. As an education consultant to the United Nations Office for Disarmament Affairs, she developed the disarmament education web portal for the UN’s Cyberschoolbus website and co-wrote with Peter Lucas Action for Disarmament: 10 Things You Can Do! (2014), recently translated into Japanese and Korean. Kathleen has produced four films on nuclear issues, two documentaries (The Last Atomic Bomb & The Ultimate Wish: Ending the Nuclear Age) and two projects that focus on art for disarmament — utilizing visual arts, music and dance (The Nuclear Age in 6 Movements & The Hiroshima Panels Project). With Robert Croonquist, Pioneer Works and the Maruki Gallery, she helped produce an exhibit of Toshi and Iri Maruki’s remarkable Hiroshima Panels, voted the second best arts exhibition in Brooklyn for 2015.

Public event