Thursday, April 19, 2018,
Davis Science Building / 201 Classroom

Soccer Balls, Pyramids, and Euler Characteristics
Thursday, April 19, Davis 201
Refreshments at 3:15, Talk at 3:45pm Davis 2nd floor

What are the important features of an object or space? When are two shapes "essentially alike"? While the Euler characteristic may not be able to tell us how a raven is like a writing desk, it can tell us how a Pyramid is like a soccer ball.

In this talk we will discuss the Euler Characteristic, a topological tool for classifying spaces. We will examine the geometric structure of various natural examples and compare them with the help of cleverly assigned numbers. Further, we will investigate when we can compute the Euler Characteristic of one space from the Euler Characteristic of a related space.

Open to the Colby community only