Tuesday, May 1, 2018,
Davis Science Building / 201 Classroom

MATHEMATICS AND STATISTICS COLLOQUIUM – Hopf algebras and tensor categories
Tuesday, May 1, starting at 3:45 pm, Davis 201
Refreshments at 3:15 pm, Davis 2nd floor

Tensor categories are mathematical structures that appear in various fields of mathematics (representation theory, low-dimensional topology, operator algebras, homotopy theory, etc.). They also provide good models in mathematical physics (conformal field theory, quantum statistics) and theoretical computer science (quantum computation). In this talk I will discuss tensor categories from the viewpoint of Hopf algebras and show how our knowledge of the latter can aid us in our understanding of the former. More specifically, I will present a recent result on the classification of pointed braided finite tensor categories. This is based on joint work with Dmitri Nikshych.

I have reserved the room.
I do not need a set-up.
This is open to the public.

Public event