Friday, November 8, 2019,
Dana / 002 Meeting Room

What is the Wild Hometown Movement?
“The Wild Hometown Movement is empowering a generation to fall in love with and protect our living planet starting in their hometown. This Wild Hometown network is an alliance of clubs and educational programs that any young person can start. We are a group of passionate young people who started this because we found a common mission across our communities: young people are coming together to reconnect with the ecosystems that sustain us, and empowering ourselves as stewards and advocates for the nature that our future depends upon. That’s why we’re kickstarting a place-based, youth-led environmental movement by supporting students to start their own Wild Hometown Chapters. Each Wild Hometown (replace “Hometown” with the name of the town your school is in) is an on-campus club at your academic institution that is deeply connected with community organizations and local youth to combine a love of the natural world with an advocacy for our shared future.

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