Thursday, November 7, 2019,
Diamond / 142 Ostrove Auditorium

12th Annual Worldvision Song Contest 2019
Thursday, Nov. 7, 7pm, Ostrove

Who will add their name to THE trophy this year? Perhaps another historic win for the Japanese, German, Chinese, French, or Russian teams? Can the Italian and Spanish teams finally live up to everyone's expectations? Will there be a repeat? Or will the MCs just keep the trophy this year?

Come find out. Sing along. Be astonished. Be shocked and awed. See what gimmicks Colby's Language Assistants have come up with this year. Drums? Trumpets? Violins? Balloons? Dancing mules? See just how superbly qualified Colby faculty judges are to pick this year's winner. And, most of all, come celebrate foreign languages at Colby along with their wonderful Language Assistants and their great teams!

Open to the public. Doors open shortly before 7pm.

Public event