Tuesday, February 18, 2020,
Cotter Union / Page Commons Room

Are you schooled in a Humanities discipline and interested in introducing environmental issues into your courses? Why not develop a course in the rapidly evolving Environmental Humanities?

Thanks to a generous grant from the Mellon Foundation, Colby’s Environmental Humanities Initiative has been launched. Faculty from across the college are already participating in this exciting opportunity to expand our Environmental Humanities offerings and contribute to the rising tide of environmental consciousness and change.

This course development workshop aims to broaden disciplinary and program participation in these initiatives, and to show that there are multiple ways to integrate environmental themes into humanities courses. While it might mean including environmental content into courses that otherwise lack it, it may also mean challenging and changing the structure, practices, and assignments in our courses.

• Refreshments will be provided
• Attendees should bring a (potential) syllabus
• Anticipate ample time for brainstorming, small group reflective discussions, and syllabus revision

Please RSVP to Ayla Fudala (arfudala@colby.edu) no later than February 15th.
Members of our Mellon EH Faculty Seminar will be our workshop facilitators. Course development grant applications for Environmental Humanities courses are due February 24th, 2020. To receive a course development grant application, please email Ayla Fudala. Be part of this rapidly expanding initiative!

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