Wednesday, December 2, 2020,
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Values and Spiritual Commitments: How To Talk About What Matters

DATE/TIME: (Rescheduled to) Wednesday, December 2, 2020: 3pm – 4:30pm
LOCATION: Offered virtually via Zoom
AUDIENCE: Open to all faculty, staff, and supervisors
(Part of the Technical and other Colby Resources series)

We have all heard that the things you shouldn’t talk about in polite company are religion and politics. Both of these topics can be charged because they connect to our values. Often these values are shaped by our religious or spiritual commitments and are played out most clearly by our interactions and decisions. When these topics disrupt or push against those values they can be incredibly uncomfortable and could lead us to shy away from what could be a meaningful conversation.

We are having these conversations at Colby. The value of having conversations about our religious/spiritual commitments has brought greater support and a deeper more honest community for our students. Building on Community, we are extending an opportunity to foster these conversations amongst staff and faculty.

Join us for a 90-minute (physically distanced) in-person workshop to engage in the conversation and explore those commitments including find ways to talk honestly about what we believe and why.

Specifically, this session will cover:

Familiarizing employees with the Office of Religious and Spiritual Life including staff, spaces, and resources
Exploring the importance of working with our values and spiritual commitments
Engaging in two activities that invite us to explore our values and the beliefs/spiritual commitments that gave rise to those values
Presented by: Rev. Katherine Smanik, Dean of Religious and Spiritual Life

Space will be limited to 25 people. Due to logistical preparations, registration is required. Please register here:

Open to the Colby community only