Monday, May 3, 2004,
Cotter Union / Pugh Center Commons Room

Colorize Your Campus: Strategically Advancing Multicultural Student Leadership!"

Brian Johnson earned a Bachelor of Arts in English from California
University with a specialization in Communications/Sociology. He completed a Masters in 1996 with a specialization in The Representation of Minorities in Canonical Literature. His thesis focused on "'Black Slaves Altogether': A Black Interpretation of Aphra Behn's Oroonoko, or the Royal Slave". He is a doctoral candidate at Nova Southeastern University in the field of Education in Children, Youth and Family Studies, where he specializes in the Management of Programs for Children and Youth. His current research focuses on Racial Identity Salience for Multicultural Students on a Predominantly White Campus and Leadership Development.
Mr. Johnson is the founder of Manna Unlimited Motivations, a professional speakers' association specializing in motivational education in the areas of youth and family issues, education, cultural diversity, personal and organizational leadership, and small business development. Manna Unlimited is a firm designed with motivation in mind. His unique seminars challenge individuals and organizations to strive against all odds to reach a common goal.
Mr. Johnson is a dynamic speaker with professional experience as an
educator, program coordinator, and counselor. He also has over five years experience in radio broadcasting and print journalism. Additionally, Johnson is a licensed minister with Global Network of Christian Ministries and is serving locally at the Revival Tabernacle in West Milton, PA.

Open to the Colby community only