Thursday, October 30, 2003,
Roberts / Smith/Robins/Hurd

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<speaker>Dr. Eduardo Bonilla-Silva</speaker>
<credentials>Associate Professor of Sociology, Texas A.& M. University</credentials>
<description>This is a classroom discussion/workshop open to the entire campus and Waterville community being held in conjunction with two sociology courses ["Fighting the Power: Social Movements in America" (SO 259) and "Race, Ethnicity, and Society" (SO 252)]. It is designed to provide additional opportunity for dialogue with Professor Bonilla -Silva about his lecture, books, and selected readings made available to students. Suggested readings for class visitors will be available upon request and Professor Bonilla-Silva's books will be available in the Colby College Bookstore. </description>
<sponsor>African American Studies Program; Department of Sociology; Latin American Studies Program; other sponsors to be announced</sponsor>
<audience>Faculty, Students, Staff, General Public</audience>

Public event