Thursday, October 23, 2003,
Cotter Union / 130 Pugh Center Commons Room

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<speaker>Health Center</speaker>
<description>This is the first of several flu shot clinics and is intended primarily to serve students and Colby employees who have a medical condition that puts them at increased risk for complications if they should contract influenza. This includes people with asthma, diabetes, heart, lung or kidney disease, those with a weakened immune system due to HIV, long-term treatment with drugs such as steroids or cancer treatment. Other people at higher risk from flu include pregnant women who will be in their second or third trimester when flu season comes, health care workers and anyone age 50 or older.
$10 per dose. Please wear short sleeves.
To learn more about flu shots, go to,'>

<sponsor>Health Center</sponsor>
<audience>Faculty, Students, Staff</audience>

Open to the Colby community only