Saturday, October 18, 2003,
Cotter Union / 130 Pugh Center Commons Room

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<speaker>Aye Hla Phyu and Saw Sunshine Timothy '05</speaker>
<description>The International Club, in collaboration with other clubs and organizations at Colby College, will present a lecture series entitled War and Terror. This program is an education effort to stimulate campus dialogue about various conflict regions. In the process, informing us about the human suffering that is implicit in wars and the terror that it embodies. Lectures will broaden understanding of the types and bases of conflicts and will seek to dispel popular misconceptions. The eight-part series uses student members of the International Club as well as speakers to introduce topics of conflict in areas where the innocent are besieged by war and terror. The Fall 2003 program includes freedom struggles in Burma and Tibet, US- Latin America historical relations, and the conflict in the Middle East. Saw Sunshine Timothy, a Junior at Colby, and Aye Hla Phyu, Human Rights lawyer and activist, from Burma will talk about their struggles for freedom in the Golden Land.</description>
<sponsor>The International Club</sponsor>
<audience>Faculty, Students, Staff, General Public</audience>

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