Monday, October 6, 2003,
S G Mudd / 405

David Ziegler
Massachusetts General Hospital

A Bit More Here, A Bit Less There: Factor Analyzing Brain Volumes in Autism

One of the few consistently replicated findings in research on the neurobiology of autism is that many children with the disorder have larger than average heads and brains. Is this increase in brain size uniformly distributed throughout the various structures and sub-divisions of the brain, or are particular areas of the brain affected more than others? With the aid of a variety of statistical techniques, we have found that brain enlargement in autism is indeed non-uniform. I will present some of our most exciting findings to date, and will discuss how our current model of brain size in autism was built using a well orchestrated consort of several statistical methods, with factor analysis being an essential element in solidifying our conclusions.

Open to the Colby community only