Saturday, October 6, 2001,
Miller Library / 014

"From Peace Corps to the Foreign Service: How We Got Here"

Holly Peirce '90 and her husband Tom Kelly will speak on October Sixth at 4 p.m. In Miller 014. Come learn about the Peace Corps, military, and the foreign service, pros, cons and advice. Co-sponsored by Career Services and International Studies.

Holly Peirce graduated from Colby in 1990 with a double major in Latin American studies and Economics. She has a Ph.D. In International Relations from the University of Miami. She served as a Transnational Issues Analyst at the U.S. Southern Command in Miami. Prior to that she served as a small business volunteer in Bolivia. Most recently, Holly was a bicommunal coordinator at the U.S. Embassy in Cyprus, managing a $1.8 million raproachment program designed to bring Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots together and help solve the Cyprus problem.

Tom Kelly is a Public Affairs Officer with the U.S. State Department. He recently served in Cyprus in both the political and public affairs sections. His next assignment is in Havana, Cuba. Tom has a MA in Latin American Studies from the University of New Mexico and a BA in Spanish. Previously, he served as a Cuba and Dominican Republic desk officer at the U.S. Southern Command in Miami. Prior to that, he was a Peace Corps volunteer in Sri Lanka.

Open to the Colby community only