Pay Rates

2017-2018 Student Academic Year Pay Rates

Pay Rates
Level I Step 1 $9.00
Step 2 $9.00
Step 3 $9.00
Step 4 $9.00
Level II Step 1 $9.00
Step 2 $9.00
Step 3 $9.15
Step 4 $9.30
Level III Step 1 $9.75
Step 2 $9.90
Step 3 $10.05
Step 4 $10.20

* by Maine law the minimum hourly pay rate will increase to $10.00 on 1/1/2018

If you have questions, please contact Student Employment or Payroll Office.



How to qualify for a step raise for some Level II & III positions…

  • Students who work at least 125 hours, on a cumulative basis, during a prior academic year are eligible to receive a step increase effective on their new hire date if they return to the same department as the previous year or 1 step increase for each multiple of 125 hours, providing the student worked at least 2 years, 250 hours for step 3 or at least 3 years and 375 hours for step 4.
  • Hours worked in any job in the same department will count towards the academic year 125 hour requirement.
  • Only 1 step increase per year worked will be allowed.
  • Summer hours are not counted in the academic year cumulative hours total. Students will continue to be eligible for a step increase based on summer experience as long as they work at least 125 hours. ¬†If you have any questions, please contact Bill Pottle (ext. 4130, wupottle or stujobs) in Student Employment.