This page is a listing for current Student Campus Jobs during the academic year. You do not have to be work-study eligible to apply. Please contact the individual department for more information and to apply for the position.

If you have specific questions about student employment or federal work-study, please contact William Pottle (207-859-4130,

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Graphic Arts Designer - Art

Date Posted: 11/07/2017
Student to design posters for lectures and other tasks as assigned. Must be creative with a strong knowledge of Photoshop and InDesign. Must have resume and sample of your projects. Please contact Kristine Johnson
Contact: Kristine Johnson - 859-5631
Department: Art


Date Posted: 10/27/2017
Seeking Students to work as campus Groundskeeper. If you are interested, contact Douglas Cosentino via email to arrange a time to meet for an interview
Contact: Douglas Cosentino 859-5015
Department: Facilities and Campus Planning


Date Posted: 10/27/2017
Duties involve dusting, sweeping, cleaning study areas and glass at the Diamond builidng. Flexible schedule but prefer 2 hour sessions between 7 to 3:30 PM Monday thru Friday. If you are interested, please contact Keith Rankin to arrange a time (early morning) to meet for an interview.
Contact: Keith Rankin 859-5024
Department: Facilities and Campus Planning

Mailroom Worker

Date Posted: 09/08/2017
Seeking First-Year Students to help with sortsing and arranges mail in departmental order for distribution, sorts outgoing mail and processes mail for appropriate stamping. Contact Dan Quirion
Contact: Dan Quirion - 859-4050
Department: Eustis Service Center

Yearbook Editor

Date Posted: 09/05/2017
Duties - Perform all functions required for production of the Oracle including photography, page-layout creation, writing captions, collecting photos and data from campus departments. Ensure publication of accurate information. Adhere to deadlines issued by yearbook publishing company. Solicit and process parent advertisements. Supervise and work closely with other students. Communicate frequently with Director of Campus Life and representative of yearbook publishing company. Qualifica
Contact: Danielle Hague - 859-4280
Department: Campus Life
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