Julia Csikesz ’07
French and Art History Double Major

Julia Csikesz is a senior majoring in French Studies and Art History. She is particularly interested in 19th and early 20th century French art, including artists such as Henri Matisse and Paul Cézanne. During her sophomore year JanPlan she interned at the Fonds régional d’art contemporain in Dijon, France. She spent her junior year abroad in Paris, while taking full advantage of the numerous museums and art collections located throughout the city. She also found ample opportunity to explore her personal interest in photography in Paris, throughout France, and elsewhere in Europe. She plans to pursue work within an art museum or gallery upon graduation, hopefully within the field of French or European art.

Mindy Favreau ’07
French and English Double Major

Mindy Favreau ’07 is a French and English double major with a concentration in creative writing. As a member of Maine’s extensive Franco-American population, Mindy decided to continue her French studies as a way to reconnect with her heritage. She spent her fall 2005 semester in Dijon, France, on the Colby in Dijon program, and fell in love with the city, its rich history, and its amazing architecture. Visiting Paris and seeing the Eiffel Tower for the first time was one of the most exciting moments of her life. Mindy hopes to return to France someday soon, but in the meantime she’s putting her French to use as Professor Adrianna Paliyenko’s research assistant. Mindy loves watching French movies, and she has a soft spot for Bœuf Bourguignon, Bourgogne’s regional specialty.

Josh Gerber ’07
French and Art Double Major

Josh Gerber is currently a senior, class of 2007. His majors include French and Art, with a concentration in Art history. While spending his junior year in Paris, he was able to combine his love of French culture with his passion for art by taking art history classes at the Louvre, and at L’Institut Catholique, in addition to getting involved in the local artist and photography scene. He cites Henri Cartier-Bresson and Willy Ronis as sources of inspiration. While his plans for after graduation do not immediately include the use of French, he plans on eventually working in the francophone world. His three favorite French people are: Franck Ribéry, Thomas Mars, and François Truffaut.

Jill Greenstein ’07
French and International Studies Double Major, Business Minor

Hi, my name is Jill Greenstein and I am a senior from Portland, Maine. My double major is in International Studies and French, with a minor in Business. Colby has offered me many great opportunities, including spending my entire junior year in Paris, France. I’ve spent my summers in Portland doing a variety of internships. Most recently, I worked as a campaign assistant to US Senator Olympia Snowe in her reelection campaign, and as a research analyst with the Maine International Trade Center that assists Maine businesses who engage in international trade by providing data about opportune markets and assisting them with trade regulation inquiries. In the summer of 2005, I was a project director for the Alliance for Maine’s Future in Augusta, ME, which educates Maine businesses about voting in favor of economic growth in Maine, and also recruits business-minded individuals to be trained and run for seats in the Maine legislature. I’ve also done a January internship with a social services oriented division in Dijon, France, and worked as an intern in the Portland office of Senator Snowe prior to working on her election. This fall I am moving to DC to begin a career with IBM in their Global Business Services division as a Business Consultant.

Alex Harris ’07
Sociology Major, Italian Minor

I am a sociology major with a minor in Italian Studies. While I never studied abroad for a semester, I was part of the first group of students to spend JanPlan in Verona, Italy. While I wish I had studied for a whole semester, Verona was amazing and I learned a lot during that month. Unfortunately, Italian does not seem to have a strong place in my future career, although I will be traveling to Rome with my family in June. Hopefully I can navigate my way through Italy and order some gelato and pizza!

Lucy Hitz ’07
Italian Minor

My name is Lucy Hitz. I am an Italian minor, interested specifically in the beauty of the language in its poetic form. I have completed an Italian independent study with Mario Moroni, and went abroad to Rome during the spring semester of 2006. I loved being abroad and the ability it gave me to travel all over Italy, especially my exploration of small coastal islands of which no one has ever heard. I am now involved in writing a Poetry Honors Thesis with Adrian Blevins in the Creative Writing department. I plan to visit Italy often, as I have since I was little (my family has visited annually since I was 8- one of my first memories is receiving 1000 lire as a gift from a kind Italian nun). I am also currently applying for a Fulbright to act as teaching assistant within the Italian university system.

Leslie Peterson ’07
French Major, Education and Physics Double Minor

My name is Leslie Peterson and I am a senior French major at Colby. I am also a physics and education minor and plan to teach elementary school after I graduate. I had a wonderful time studying abroad last year in Dijon, France. I went to Dijon in the fall of my junior year as a participant of the Colby in Dijon Program. I really had a blast! The program was very well organized, my host family was great, I got to travel around France each weekend, and I was also able to visit Switzerland and Italy.After I graduate this spring, I plan to attend graduate school at Lesley University in Cambridge, MA to obtain a masters Masters degree and certification in Elementary Education. As a part of this program, I will spend the 2007-2008 academic year teaching at a private elementary school just outside of Boston. Luckily for me, they begin teaching the students French and Spanish when they are in the first grade so in my spare time, I plan to help out in one of the French classrooms.