Kate Humphrey ’09
French and International Studies Double Major

Kate studied abroad in Paris last year where her favorite thing to do was go for walks around the city. Breakfast is her favorite meal and she loves to snowshoe. She plans to do an AmeriCorps program next year before eventually going to grad school (most likely for urban planning).


Sarah Joseph Kurien ’09
French Major

Sarah is from India and consequently, spent three of her eight semesters away from chilly Waterville. She saw her first Colby fall in Dijon and her junior fall in Aix-en-Provence. Junior spring was split between Yaounde, Cameroon and Toulouse, France and she is now finally back at Colby for her senior year. If you see her wandering around and looking confused, she’s probably puzzled at the constant snow and wondering why she isn’t abroad.

Caitlin R. Leibenhaut ’09
French and International Studies Double Major

Caitlin studied abroad in Paris in the fall of 2007. Aside from studying the French language and international history, she also enjoys oil painting. Her favorite colors are green and yellow and her favorite type of animal is the panda bear!

Ena Lupine ’09
French and International Studies Double Major, Environmental Studies Minor

Ena spent her junior year abroad in Paris with the Hamilton program and spent the following summer in Geneva, Switzerland interning at the UN. Born and raised in Belfast, Maine, she began studying french in high school when she realized that french students got a sweet trip to Quebec at the end of the year while spanish students had to stay home because Mexico is far away. Even though the initial decision to study french was a bit superficial, Ena is happy with her choice (especially after a year of cheese-eating and wine-drinking in Paris) and hopes to continue using french in her life after Colby, whatever that may be.


Henry Powell ’09
American Studies Major, Italian Minor

Henry studied in Padova, Italy last spring and most enjoyed biking at every chance he had while there. He tries to watch as many films as possible and his favorite genre is Italian Neorealism. He would love to return to Italy at some point in the near future in the hopes of teaching English.


Maria Ryden ’09
Music Major, Italian Minor

Maria spent her junior year abroad in Parma with the Pitzer in Italy program. She is from St. Paul, Minnesota and began studying Italian because she thought it was a beautiful language. She really, really likes her host father’s tagiatelle ai funghi and Lambrusco wine. She loves all kinds of music, reading and following Italian soccer. Someday she’d like to have a villa on Lake Como…



Danny Wasserman ’09
Philosophy Major, Italian and Environmental Studies Minor

Danny spent the fall of 2007 in Bologna with the Brown in Bologna program. He is from Denver, Colorado and loves to play soccer, ski and cook.