Salim Ayoub
Lovejoy 307
Visiting Assistant Professor of French
Areas of Expertise: French and Francophone Studies; Film Studies and Philosophy of Film; Queer and Gender Studies; Linguistics and Ideologies of Language
Audrey Brunetaux
(207) 859-4664
Department Chair and Associate Professor of French
Areas of Expertise: 20th-21st Century French Literature and Cinema; Cultural Studies; Holocaust Literature & Film; Visual Arts & the Shoah; Trauma & Memory Studies; Graphic Novels; Autobiography and Memories; Charlotte Delbo
Danila Cannamela
Lovejoy 306
Assistant Professor of Italian
Areas of Expertise: Modern and contemporary Italian literature and culture; Noir, pulp, sci-fi literature; Environmental Humanities; Gender Studies; Italian cinema
Posthumanism; Ecopoetry
Valérie M. Dionne
Lovejoy 313
(207) 859-4659
Associate Professor of French
Areas of Expertise: Early Modern French Literature & Philosophy, Literature and Ethics; Political Conciliation
Bénédicte Mauguière
Diamond 109
(207) 859-4660
Professor of French
Areas of Expertise: Quebec Studies; Francophone Studies of the Americas; Diaspora & Transcultural Studies; Indian Ocean Cultures & Literatures; Women and Gender Studies; JMG Le Clézio
Anaïs Maurer
Visiting Assistant Professor of French
Areas of Expertise: Ecocriticism, Marxist Theory, Francophone Studies, Pacific Studies, Postcolonial Studies, and Climate Change Literature
Mouhamedoul A. Niang
Lovejoy 306
(207) 859-4661
Associate Professor of French
Areas of Expertise: Francophone African Literature and Cinema; Body, Space, and Gender through Narratives of Identities; Fiction and Medicine; Onomastics; Transculturation and the African Detective Novel; African Studies, Créolité and Marronnage.
Adrianna Paliyenko
Lovejoy 312
(207) 859-4656
Charles A. Dana Professor of French
Areas of Expertise: 19th- and 20th-century French poetry, including Women’s Contributions; Literary History and the Poetics of Influence; Gender, Genius and Race; Theories of Creativity; Literature and Medicine; Feminism and Psychoanalysis; 19th-century Francophone Studies
Gianluca Rizzo
Lovejoy 310
(207) 859-4655
Paganucci Associate Professor of Italian
Areas of Expertise: Renaissance and Contemporary Italian Literature (especially poetry); Dante; Late Medieval and Early Modern Culture; Macaronic Literature; poesia comico-realista; the Historical Avant-garde and the Neo-avant-garde; Theater, Aesthetics and Semiotics; Translation
Jonathan M. Weiss
(207) 859-4667
Director of the Dijon Program
Areas of Expertise: 20th-century French Literature and Literary History; French Theater; French Civilization; Contemporary France; Literature and Culture of Québec
Chiara Calvi
Lovejoy 354
Teaching Assistant – Italian
Master's Thesis: I obtained my Joint Master Degree in English in 2017 from Ca' Foscari University of Venice and The City College of New York. The final project of my master was the report of my teaching experience of Postcolonial African English Literature in an Italian public high school. Specifically the authors I chose to teach were of Kenyan, Nigerian and South African origin. My work analyzed the lack and the need of Postcolonial teaching perspective in mandatory Italian education.
Charlotte Wendling
Lovejoy 354
Teaching Assistant – French
Master's Thesis: I am a Master student in English studies at the Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon. I am currently working on my Master's thesis which should study and analyze the construction of identity for African migrants who came to the United States recently
Vivian L. Wood
Administrative Assistant