Audrey Brunetaux
Lovejoy 315
(207) 859-4664
Associate Professor of French
Areas of Expertise: 20th-21st Century French Literature and Cinema; Cultural Studies; Holocaust Literature & Film; Visual Arts & the Shoah; Trauma & Memory Studies; Graphic Novels; Autobiography and Memories; Charlotte Delbo
Valérie M. Dionne
Lovejoy 313
(207) 859-4659
Associate Professor of French
Areas of Expertise: Early Modern French Literature & Philosophy, Literature and Ethics; Political Conciliation
Serena Ferrando
Lovejoy 308
(207) 859-4662
Assistant Professor of Italian
Areas of Expertise: Modern and Contemporary Italian Literature and Culture; Environmental Humanities; The City in Literature; Urban Soundscapes; Digital Humanities; Italian Surrealist Novels; Graphic Novels and Short Stories; Literature and Mental Illness; Translation Theory and Practice
Arthur D. Greenspan
Lovejoy 309
(207) 859-4654
Professor of French
Areas of Expertise: Translation of Literature; French Cinema and the 20th-century French Novel, France in World War II
Bénédicte Mauguière
Lovejoy 316
(207) 859-4660
Professor of French
Areas of Expertise: Quebec Studies; Francophone Studies of the Americas; Diaspora & Transcultural Studies; Indian Ocean Cultures & Literatures; Women and Gender Studies; JMG Le Clézio
Sylvain J. Montalbano
Lovejoy 308
Visiting Assistant Professor of French
Mouhamedoul A. Niang
Lovejoy 306
(207) 859-4661
Department Associate Chair and Assistant Professor of French
Areas of Expertise: Francophone African Literature and Cinema; Body, Space, and Gender through Narratives of Identities; Fiction and Medicine; Onomastics; Transculturation and the African Detective Novel; African Studies, Créolité and Marronnage.
Adrianna Paliyenko
Lovejoy 312
(207) 859-4656
Department Chair and Charles A. Dana Professor of French
Areas of Expertise: 19th- and 20th-century French poetry, including Women’s Contributions; Literary History and the Poetics of Influence; Gender, Genius and Race; Theories of Creativity; Literature and Medicine; Feminism and Psychoanalysis; 19th-century Francophone Studies
Gianluca Rizzo
Lovejoy 310
(207) 859-4655
Paganucci Assistant Professor of Italian
Areas of Expertise: Renaissance and Contemporary Italian Literature (especially poetry); Dante; Late Medieval and Early Modern Culture; Macaronic Literature; poesia comico-realista; the Historical Avant-garde and the Neo-avant-garde; Theater, Aesthetics and Semiotics; Translation
Jonathan M. Weiss
(207) 859-4667
Director of the Dijon Program
Areas of Expertise: 20th-century French Literature and Literary History; French Theater; French Civilization; Contemporary France; Literature and Culture of Québec
Juliette Bouanani
Lovejoy 354
Teaching Assistant – French
Federica Parodi
Lovejoy 354
Teaching Assistant – Italian
Vivian L. Wood
Administrative Assistant