Download: French Studies Major Checklist

The major in French Studies promotes the acquisition of superior language skills along with an opportunity to explore via a set of multidisciplinary approaches the richness of French and Francophone cultures. Emphasis is placed on developing skills in critical analysis that enhance appreciation of print and visual texts while also broadening and deepening students’ understanding of values foreign to their own.

Checklist. The following are the minimum 10 required courses. The required courses completed on campus or abroad must include one course focused on early modern France or pre-1800 (such as FR232 and designated 300/400 level courses), one course focused on the Francophone world (such as FR236, FR237, FR238, and designated 300/400 level courses), and as of the class of 2020, one course focused on the acquisition of critical tools and methods or application of theory (such as FR233, FR 252, and designated 300/400 level courses).

If you began your study of French here at Colby in either 128 or 131, you need take only 9 other courses in French to fulfill the basic requirements for the major. If you began somewhere in the required 125-126-127 sequence, you need take only 128 or 131 and another 8 courses

I. Required Courses: 231 and two other 200-level courses

II. Courses (at the 300 level). Courses taken abroad in programs other than Colby in Dijon must be approved by the major advisor. This can normally be done via e-mail after the program begins, when students know which courses are offered. Colby in Dijon courses are approved and grades count toward the student’s GPA in the major; approved courses on non-Colby programs count toward the major, but grades do not count toward the student’s GPA. Up to 3 courses from a semester program abroad— and a maximum of 5 from a year-long program or from two semesters abroad—can be counted toward the major.

III. Senior Courses (minimum): Majors must take at least one course conducted in French each semester; for those returning from study abroad, these courses must be numbered 300 and higher.

The senior seminar may be fulfilled by a 300-level course either in the fall or the spring, with supplementary work authorized by the instructor.