2012 Award of the Association of Indian Teachers of French

Professor Bénédicte Mauguiere was awarded the 2012 Award of the Association of Indian Teachers of French. The Award was given on February 16 during the sixth International AITF Conference on ‘Etudes Francophones: Enjeux et Perspectives’ (Francophone studies: issues and perspectives) in association with the Department of French, Madurai Kamaraj University (MKU). French teachers from over 25 countries and from various parts of India took part in the meeting.
Sarah Goldstein ’08
Goldstein, a 2008 French Studies and International Studies Double Major, recounts some of her experiences from abroad of her life after Colby. Some highlighted blog posts from Ghana, Morocco, and Paris can be found below.GhanaClick here for the Ghana blog post.MoroccoClick here for the Morocco blog post.ParisClick here for the Paris blog post.
Megan Browning ’10
After spending her first year after graduation working on a farm in Massachusetts, Megan spent this past summer living on a beautiful property in Praiano, on Italy’s Amalfi Coast, where she worked as a Garden Restoration Intern. The property, known as “Casa L Orto,” consists of terraced land that was abandoned for many years. Megan worked to bring it back to fully functioning farm land. Over the summer she wrote, “This town is absolutely gorgeous and life is so peaceful here. Most people only speak Italian so I’ve been practicing every day and getting better and better. Thanks to all [my Italian] classes, I really am able to communicate over here, and it’s so exciting.” As part of her internship, Megan set up a Facebook page called “Casa L Orto,” which can be accessed at http://www.facebook.com/pages/Casa-L-Orto/192369970814720.

Pictured here are Megan and Clementina, a veteran Italian gardener who shared her knowledge with Megan over the course of her internship.

Maria Ryden ’09
After graduating in 2009, Maria won a highly competitive English Teaching Assistantship through the Lombard Department of Education. She was placed in an istituto superiore (high school) in Edolo, a small town near the Italian border with Switzerland. While Maria spent most of her time at the scuola superiore, she also taught at nearby elementary and middle schools, where her duties included everything from grading to lesson plans, conversation classes, lectures, and teaching an entire middle school to sing “Jingle Bell Rock” for their Christmas program. Eventually, Maria designed and taught three after-school classes by herself, and when one of the English teachers went on extended leave, she took on her teaching schedule. Maria writes: “Living in insular Alpine towns meant that while my Italian skills grew immensely (no English here!), I often got a lot of stares and many of my host families spoke exclusively in dialect. It required some extreme flexibility and I was at times very discouraged and lost in translation but I’m so glad I went!”
Talkin’ the Talk: Language Tables
Take an inside look at Colby’s language tables care of insideColby here.

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