"I cannot speak highly enough of Madame Davies and the FR127 course in Paris. It is VERY intense. Everyday, you will spend about three to three and a half hours in the classroom. I was very hesitant about the intensity of the course, but Madame keeps the course fun and exciting and she really does make learning french fun even for those like myself who are not great at learning languages. I was able to tour around Paris in the afternoons and visit many museums. My favorite museum was the Musee D’Orsay. Learning french completely immersed in the french language was awesome and I would recommend this course to any Colby student!"

~Molly M. | Jan Plan in Paris | Paris, France | January 2019
"I got so much more out of this course than I would have if I had taken it in Waterville. So much is added to the learning experience being immersed in French culture. Learning the language in Paris made French more interesting for me because the material was immediately applicable to life outside the classroom. Although the course is intense, it is not unmanageable. Hard work and studying time are needed to do well but there is also plenty of time to explore Paris and all it has to offer. Madame Davies really encourages exploration as well. I highly recommend this class and Madame Davies."

~Catherine B. | Jan Plan in Paris | Paris, France | January 2019