Topics of Interest:



General French and Francophone
L’art du 19e siècle: features 19th century art with links to different periods (neoclassicism, romanticism, realism, impressionism) and artists
Eugène Delacroix: extensive website featuring many of his works, along with a biography and information on the selected paintings

Art Press: bilingual magazine about the contemporary art scene

Web Gallery of Art: good online gallery


Cinema in France: examining film history, suggested movies, etc.
Film Terms
: English and French film terms and explanations.
French Cinema Vocabulary
: base vocabulary for French cinema.
The Language of Cinema: great bilingual site for film vocabulary.
: interviews, trailers, reviews…
Vocabulaire Français-Anglais
: an online dictionary for film and photography terms.

Cultural Institutions

Cité de la Musique
: The Cité de la Musique in Paris offers everyone access to culture through its concerts, museum and exhibitions and a huge media library as well as educational and publishing activities aimed at both adults and young people.
: Official site of the Louvre.
Musées de la Ville de Paris: A listing of museums in Paris with links to their official websites.

Economy Historical exchange rates.
Alternatives Economiques
: Alternative perspectives on economics.

Educational Institutions

Ecole normale supérieure: university with which Colby is affiliated for a language assistant program.
Ministère de l’éducation nationale
: government education website.
Université Paris Dauphine
: library website.

Francophone World

Places everything you need to know about Senegal – population, geography, history, tourism, with lots of pictures as well.
Histoire de la Martinique: a website with plenty of historical information, along with links for tourism, photo galleries, etc.
Viêt-nam: mon pays natal, ma passion, mon rêve: pictures of old Vietnam as well as the country as it currently is.

Investir en Zone Franc: detailed map of Africa; links to each country.

French 128 web links: websites created by students (spring 2005) that provide cultural context and a guide to reading assigned texts for a number of francophone authors.
Literature and Culture of Francophone Africa and the Diaspora: a guide to resources on the web for research.

Curriculum for Franco-American Women of Maine
: interesting website with plenty of facts, definitions, resources, and links.
Pages of Franco-American Women’s Institute Initiatives
: lots of links pertaining to Franco-American women.


France des Saveurs
: huge database of small businesses and farms in France, searchable by product or region. Information on regions, their products, and their gastronomy.
La Boîte à Recettes
: thousands of recipes (not limited to France).
Saveurs du Monde
: Recipes, tips, information on ingredients. Very handy site.

Bordeaux: everything you want to know about Bordeaux wine.
Les Vins de Touraine: Loire Valley wines.
Terroir-France: a guide to French wines, by region.

General Information

Douce France
: links to everything one could possible want to know about France e.g. administration, boutiques, clothing, education, health, hotels, housing, restaurants, vineyards, work, etc.
La Portail de la Culture
: French cultural website. Access information by theme.
The World of French Culture in the USA
: from French Embassy’s website. Created to promote French artistic activities in the U.S. to American Francophones.

Search Engines
Google France
Voila: Francophone search engine.
Yahoo! France


Le Temps des Révolutions
: comprehensive, illustrated history of France, organized by centuries.
L’Histoire par l’image, 1789 – 1939
: chronology of French history through art.

Middle Ages
French History and Civilization
: notes and illustrations on medieval French history (10th – 14th centuries).

19th Century
200 ans de Code Civil: The Civil Code, from the National Assembly’s page.
Afrique au XIX siècle: detailing the situation of every African country during this time period.
Chronologie du XIX siècle: extremely detailed listing of France’s development, including colonization.
L’expansion coloniale francaise au XIX et XX siècles: text-heavy but helpful resource for a thorough summary of French colonization around the world.
L’expédition d’Alger: a long and detailed description of French colonization in Algeria.
L’expédition d’Alger: a long and detailed description of French colonization in Algeria.
La guerre d’Algérie: well laid out site, with simple explanations of political events.
La guerre franco-allemande de 1870: a detailed breakdown of events, looking at the before, during, after, and consequences of the war.
La guerre franco-allemande de 1870: a detailed breakdown of events, looking at the before, during, after, and consequences of the war.
Toussaint L’Ouverture: short but helpful biography.

20th Century
The French Resistance: Thorough profiling of the French Resistance, including barriers faced, key players, geography, etc.

Language Resources and References

Le Conjugateur: University of Alberta site that conjugates more than 7400 verbs (including Quebecois verbs).
Le Conjugueur: conjugates verbs in all tenses.
Verb2verbe: simple, easy to use conjugator for all tenses.

Dictionaries and Encyclopedia
The ARTFL Project: from the University of Chicago, has databases, dictionaries from the 17th to the 20th centuries, access to “Le Trésor”, etc.
Lexilogos: online dictionaries, including Le Trésor, Le Littré; synonyms, antonyms, etc. primarily a dictionary, but also includes compound formes and verb conjugations.

Francais 1B-2B: short grammar review exercises.
French Grammar Central: 580 links with material for advanced grammar courses, with thorough information on the structure of the French language. Conjugations, research, and activities.
La Grammaire Interactive: helpful mini-lessons on spelling, grammar, with tests as well.
Language guide: a well-structured repository of grammar guides that include interactive exercises.
Tex’s French Grammar: clear sections on nouns, verbs, prepositions, conjunctions, etc. Helpful for beginners.

Reading Comprehension
Captage: an interactive create-your-own story.

Typing accents: Colby’s LRC page for typing all foreign language accents on your keyboard.


Les Sonnets de Louise Labé: large collection of her sonnets along with several other works, with some analysis and notations.

17th Century
Phèdre: detailed description, act by act, along with analysis.

18th Century
La mélancolie chez les romantiques: Romanticism in context (social, political, historical, and artistic).

19th Century
19th-Century French Women Poets: by Professor Paliyenko, including Louise Ackerman, Marie Krysinska, Louisa Siefert, and Anais Ségalas.
Charles Baudelaire: a very clean, sophisticated website with detailed biographic information, along with his published critiques and a list and description of the characters in his “univers baudelairien”.
Madame Bovary: summary of the book along with some analysis.

20th Century
L’existentialisme – Jean-Paul Sartre: a helpful description of Sartre’s defining philosophy, “l’existence prècede l’essence”.

General Francophone
ClicNet: localizes or edits virtual resources in French for students, French teachers/professors, and for all interested in francophone culture, art, and literature.

Gabrielle Roy: Government of Canada website with articles, documents, biography, links.

Les bijoux: versification.
Europeana: Prototype developed by the National Library of France under the project of a Digital European Library.
Gallica: French national library, all digitized. Free access to 90,000 documents.
Lexique des termes littéraires: every term you’ll need to know for your literature classes, alphabetized and defined.
Outils pour l’analyse littéraire: helpful websites for students looking for assistance and guidance with French essays and analysis in their papers.


Current Events
France diplomatie: French government site about France.

Magazines and Newspapers
Francophone Newspapers
: 140 French language newspaper links from North America (Quebec), Africa, Asia, and Europe
Le Monde: popular, highly read newspaper of France. Equivalent to our New York Times.
Les magazine about cultural events.
Libé online news, particularly covering current politics.
Telerama: French pop culture.

Arrêt sur images: a site analyzing media in France.

Les Guignols sur Canal Plus: “the original Daily Show!” (Professor Davies).


Concerts and Live Acts
Festival International de Jazz de Montréal: website detailing the annual summer jazz festival in Montréal.

Radio France: French radio website with podcasts, information about radio shows and concerts, and an online store.


France Politique: offers information on french political parties, past elections and the current political scene in France, as well as extensive biographies of major french politicians.
: an online journal with articles about the current political situation in France.
Rue 89: information about current events.


: Information about accommodations, tours, transportation, French culture, shopping, and business.
The Paris Pages: explanations of Paris, its culture, tourist info, interactive maps, and endless links to other sites of cultural interest.
Petit Futé
: Ideas for where to travel in France.
Voyager en France
: Travel site with information on visiting France.
: see France in a unique way with a focus on organic farming.
: vacation planners for France.

Chateau Versailles: official website for the Chateau de Versailles.
Provence and Beyond: French Riviera – local visiting information, travel services, information about famous people from Provence.