Whipple-Coddington Professor at Colby College

Dr. Robert A. Gastaldo, an internationally recognized scholar in paleobotany, joined the Colby faculty as the inaugural Whipple-Coddington Professor of Geology at the college on September 1, 1999. Dr. Gastaldo also took over the reins as Department Chair at this time.
Though his principal area of expertise is in the Paleozoic plant fossil record, Dr. Gastaldo also brings to the college considerable expertise in sedimentaton, stratigraphy, and computer applications in the geosciences, with research interests that span several continents. He has authored over 70 peer-reviewed scientific papers as well as a laboratory manual for historical geology, and has made nearly a hundred presentations at professional meetings. In addition, he currently serves on the editorial board of The Review of PalŠobotany and Palynology and is co-editor of Palaios. The offices of this latter journal, under the direction of editorial assistant Elvira Gastaldo, will also come to Colby as part of this exciting new addition to the Colby family.
Dr. Gastaldo will be leading the Department in a search for a fourth tenure-track faculty member to join us in the fall of 2000, and his guidance will be key as we plan for this new addition to our family and what she/he will bring to the future of Geology at Colby. Plans are already underway for exciting new initiatives that will further enhance the attractiveness of study in the discipline in our beautiful Maine setting.
All the Colby community joins us in welcoming Dr. Gastaldo, his wife Elvira, and sons Marc, Michael and Joseph to the Colby family.

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