Jack Kleinman Award Recipients at Colby College
The Jack Kleinman
Memorial Award
Colby College
Waterville, Maine
U. S. A.

Jack Kleinman was a Colby graduate in the class of 1983 who exemplified everything one would want to see in a student: enthusiasm, hard work, personal integrity, and a dedication to doing a job right. He relished a challenge and always was seeking new ways to justify being outside, in the field. Jack lived to be outdoors, whether working or enjoying the grandeur of the world around him.

Jack subsequently undertook study towards his M.S. in volcanology at Oregon State University, Corvallis, and joined the staff of the Cascades Volcano Observatory. Tragically, he died in a kayaking accident in his beloved Cascades in 1994. His classmates and friends combined efforts to create this continuing tribute to his memory at his alma mater; his family and the Community Foundation for Southwestern Washington combined their efforts with those of the U.S. Geological Survey to create the Jack Kleinman Fellowships, to support student research on volcanoes and volcanic processes, particularly those of the northern Pacific Rim.

The Department of Geology at Colby since that time has presented the Jack Kleinman Memorial Award, consisting of a framed certificate and an engraved Brunton compass, to that student, normally a graduating senior, who best personifies the qualities that characterized Jack as a student: academic excellence, a consistently positive attitude, and a strong dedication to field work. This page honors those recipients, whose names are engraved on a plaque on permanent display in the Department, and which appear below.

Recipients of the Jack Kleinman Memorial Award
Recipient in 1994:
David E. Mostoller '94
Recipient in 1995:
Jeffrey S. Harrison '95
Recipient in 1996:
(not awarded)
Recipient in 1997:
(not awarded)
Recipient in 1998:
Adam E. Pearsall '98
Recipient in 1999:
Russell W. Scranton '99
Recipient in 2000:
William J. Tackaberry '00
Recipient in 2001:
Matthew J. ("Rocky") Severs '01
Recipient in 2002:
Eleanor S. Boyce '02
Recipient in 2003:
Jonathan P. Allen '03
Recipient in 2004:
Robert W. Selover '04
Recipient in 2005:
Samuel W. Gray '05
Recipient in 2006:
Daniel W. Pace '06
Recipient in 2007:
Newton W. Krumdieck '07
Recipient in 2008:
Samuel B. Reid '08
Recipient in 2009:
(not awarded)
Recipient in 2010:
Cassandra L. Knight '10
Recipient in 2011:
Bryce (Amelia) Pludow '11
Recipient in 2012:
(not awarded)
Recipient in 2013:
Arran Dindorf '13
Recipient in 2014:
Morgan Monz '14
Recipient in 2015:
t. b. a.

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