AY2015-2016 Fall Speaker Series : Colby College Geology
Fall, 2015 Seminar Presentations
Colby College Department of Geology

All seminar presentations are in Keyes 105, at 1:00 p.m. on Friday afternoons.
Light refreshments are provided.

Date Speaker Topic
11 September Dr. Gordon Hamilton
University of Maine
Understanding Greenland's Coupled Ice Sheet - Atmosphere - Ocean System
18 September Dr. Timothy McCoy
Curator-in-Charge, Meteorites
Smithsonian Institution
Four Cores, 5 Missions and 10,000 Meteorites Ago: What is Inside Planets?
25 September Dr. P. Thompson Davis
Bentley University
Glacial Geology of Ktaadn, Maine, and the Presidential Range, New Hampshire
2 October Dr. Alexandra Devatzes
Temple University
Catastrophic but not Cataclysmic? The Earth during an Extended Heavy Bombardment
9 October Dr. Barbara Cohen
Marshall Space Flight Center, NASA
Water on the Moon: Where It Is, What It Tells Us, and How We Will Use a CubeSat to Measure It
16 October Dr. Steven Greb
University of Kentucky
Sedimentology in the Hypertidal Turnagain Arm Estuary, Alaska
23 October Dr. Amanda Olsen
University of Maine
Water-Rock Reaction on Mars and Europa
30 October Colby Geology Students Geological Society of America Preview Presentations
6 November Dr. Genevieve Robert
Bates College
Rheological Controls on the Emplacement of Extremely High-Grade Ignimbrites
13 November Dr. Paul Hardersen
University of North Dakota
Lava Rocks: Putting Stronger Constraints on the Abundance and Distribution of Basaltic Asteroids in the Main Asteroid Belt
20 November Dr. David Turcotte
U. S. Natural Resources Conservation Service (Retired)
Careers in Soil Survey
27 November No seminar - Thanksgiving Break .
4 December Dr. Emily Peterman
Bowdoin College
Atypical Metamorphic Reactions in Zircon from HP/UHP Metapelites: Case Studies in the Northern Appalachians and the Greek Rhodope Mountains
11 December Colby Geology Students Class Project Presentations:
t. b. a.

"The concepts of science, in all their richness and ambiguity, can be presented without any compromise, without any simplification counting as distortion, in language accessible to all intelligent people." ---- Stephen Jay Gould

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