AY2013-2014 Speaker Series : Colby College Geology
2013-2014 Seminar Presentations
Colby College Department of Geology

All seminar presentations are in Mudd 218, at 1:00 p.m. on Friday afternoons.
Note that the seminar of May 1st is the all-college Liberal Arts Symposium, on THURSDAY!
Light refreshments are provided.

Date Speaker Topic
6 September CANCELED
13 September Dr. Karl Kreutz
University of Maine
Pacific climate variability over the past millennium
20 September Dr. Christopher Roosevelt '94
Boston University
Recent (Geo-) Archaeological Work in the Marmara Lake Basin, Western Turkey
27 September Dr. Laurel Goodwin
University of Wisconsin
Quantifying the Rheology of Naturally Deformed Rocks
4 October Dr. David Gibson
University of Maine, Farmington
Devonian Magmatism in Maine; a review of recent research on magma chamber processes and crustal assembly
11 October Ms. Erica Doody '14J Six Weeks in the Tobacco Root Mountains: The IUGFS field camp experience
18 October Dr. Mary Kosloski
Vassar College
Predation intensity and morphological disparity: does increasing predation constrain shape in marine gastropods?
25 October
  • Kody Spencer '14J

  • Mduduzi [Dan] Langwenya '14

  • Tara Chizinski '14

  • Morgan Monz '14 and Ariana Boyd '14
  • The Late Permian Stratigraphy of the Basal Tweefontein Section, Eastern Cape Province, South Africa
  • The Late Permian Stratigraphy of the Upper Tweefontein Section, Eastern Cape Province, South Africa
  • The Fluvial Sequence of a Latest Changhsingian, Pre-PT Extinction River Complex, Eastern Cape Province, South Africa
  • Deformation mechanisms in three protoliths across the Kellyland fault zone, Washington County, Maine
  • 1 November Dr. Meredith Kelly
    Dartmouth College
    A chronology of past glacial extents and its paleoclimatic implications, Rwenzori Mountains, Uganda - Democratic Republic of Congo
    8 November
    In Olin 1!
    David Monz, Esq.
    Updike, Kelly & Spellacy, P.C.
    Geology and Law: The Intersection of Earth Science and Environmental Law
    15 November Dr. Will Clyde
    University of New Hampshire
    A Tale of Two Hyperthermals: Effects of the Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum (PETM) and Eocene Thermal Maximum 2 (ETM2) on Continental Ecosystems
    22 November CANCELLED .
    29 November No seminar - Thanksgiving Break .
    6 December
  • Brendan Cosgrove '14

  • Geology 372 Class (Clara Bicher '14, Mary Furth '15, Matt Lipman '15, Peter Reiley '14, Sophie Weaver '14, and David Wheeler '14)

  • Justin A. Sperry '14
    (honors thesis defense)
  • "Limestone Neutralization of Acid Mine Drainage from the Potential Bald Mountain Mining Activity"
  • "Plant Macrofossil Evidence for Environmental Change at Fresh Pond Marsh, North Haven Island, Maine"
  • "Examination and Quantification of Constriction in Deformation Zones with Complex Boundary Conditions"

    Date Speaker Topic
    7 February Dr. Robert A. Gastaldo
    Colby College
    t. b. a.
    14 February Dr. Kristin Bergman
    Harvard University Fellow and
    Massachusetts Institute of Technology
    t. b. a.
    21 February Dr. John Geissman
    University of Texas at Dallas
    t. b. a.
    28 February Dr. Rosemary Came
    University of New Hampshire
    t. b. a.
    7 March Dr. Bosiljk Glumac
    Smith College
    t. b. a.
    14 March Dr. Gordon Bromley
    University of Maine
    t. b. a.
    21 March t. b. a.
    t. b. a.
    28 March No seminar - spring break
    4 April Dr. Scott Murchie '81
    Applied Physics Laboratory,
    Johns Hopkins University
    t. b. a.
    11 April Dr. Pamela Hallock-Mueller
    Association of Women Geoscientists
    Distinguished Speaker

    University of South Florida
    t. b. a.
    18 April Mr. Paul Hunt
    Portland Water District
    t. b. a.
    25 April Dr. Sandra Kamo
    University of Toronto
    t. b. a.
    1 May
    Colby Liberal Arts Symposium .
    9 May Dr. Robert Marvinney
    Maine State Geologist
    t. b. a.

    "The concepts of science, in all their richness and ambiguity, can be presented without any compromise, without any simplification counting as distortion, in language accessible to all intelligent people." --- Stephen Jay Gould

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