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Artesian flow is water rising above the local water table due to hydrostatic head. This artesian well in Rangeley, Maine, remains flowing despite the fact that Poland Spring is pumping water nearby at a rate of 5000 gallons per minute, filling four large tanker trucks every hour.
Adequate supplies of fresh water are becoming one of THE global environmental issues of the 21st century; 25% of the human population of the world is already suffering from inadequate water resources. Maine is one of the few areas in the world with an abundance of high-quality fresh water, though last year (2016) was very dry and produced a modest drought, particularly in the southern part of the state.
Earth and Environment
Spring, 2017

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The Maldives in the Indian Ocean are a popular tourist destination. However, rising sea level produced by global warming is posing a threat to the existence of the island nation, all of which lies less than 10 feet (3 meters) above modern sea level.

(image from http://www.hotel-online.com/News/PR2009_4th/Dec09_HIMaldives.html)

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