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"Deutsch üben im Internet" offers guided interaction with authentic German web-sites for intermediate and beginning students of German.  Students do all work on-line, including electronic submission of answers to their instructor.

This page was created by John Lyon and Milan Babik, with the generous support of a CBB Mellon Grant.  It would not have been possible without the able technical assistance of Andrei Strukov and Jackie Tanner, as well as the pedagogical and linguistic expertise of Stephen Watt and Ursula Reidel-Schrewe.

The exercises practice reading, writing, and listening skills in a communicative manner, and help students become familiar with selected topics of German culture.  The topics selected feature prominently in many first- and second-year German texts and thus require minimal adaptation by the instructor.  All instructions are given and all work is done exclusively in German.  Note to Instructors:  Some of the exercises are long and should be done either in part or as a lengthier assignment over several days.

Use the buttons on your left to select the exercise level, then to select a specific topic. Within each exercise you will find links to German-language web-sites. When you click on these, a new window will open, covering (but not closing) the exercise window. To navigate between windows:

On the Mac: 1) Hold down the "Command" key and press "1"; or 2)  Go to the Communicator-icon/drop-down menu on the top of your screen and select the window you want.

On Windows: 1) Hold down the "Alt" key and press "Tab"; or 2)Go to the "Communicator" drop-down menu, select "Window" and choose the window you want.

Technical Considerations:
This page is best viewed with Netscape Navigator, versions 3.0 and higher.  To use this page, your browser must support frames (this page is frame-based, and many of the exercises refer to frame-based pages).  In addition, some exercises rely on audio and video files, for which "Real Player" and "QuickTime" Plug-ins will be needed.  You can download these at no cost by following the links below:
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