Catherine Mullin ‘11


What has your career been since graduating from Colby?

I have held positions in both the nonprofit and private sectors since graduating from Colby. I worked for small nonprofits, doing advocacy research for the International Criminal Court and assisting indigent New Yorkers in need of immigration assistance. I also worked in Corporate Social Responsibility, employing private sector expertise to address local and international needs.

How did being a Global Studies major give you advantages for after you graduated?

GS gave me access to an interdisciplinary education that prepared me for just how complex and interconnected the world is today. Despite the range of my positions, tackling the variety of academic classes in the GS curriculum prepared me to evaluate issues and execute complicated projects in each of my jobs with an open, critical and informed mind.

Where did you study abroad, and how did that experience impact you?

I studied abroad in Namibia, South Africa and Denmark. During my time abroad I encountered the intersection of public, private and governmental organizations working to address local challenges that were often linked to global factors. Speaking with people “on the ground” encouraged me to think about how to best affect sustainable and positive change- whether abroad or at home- and where I fit into that process.

How did Colby in general help guide you in your career?

Colby influenced my career in two major ways. While studying multiple fields and taking part in extracurriculars such as athletics, I had access to a wide array of faculty and staff. They served as thoughtful sounding boards as I evaluated my strengths and weaknesses and clarified my interests. Secondly, the Colby alumni network has presented me with support and opportunities that I wouldn’t have had the chance to experience otherwise.

What advice would you give to Global Studies majors at Colby about their experience in college and their future careers?

I would tell current GS students to expose themselves to as many different classes and internships as possible. There were jobs out there I didn’t know existed when I left Colby, and I wish I had spent more time exploring how the professional world converged with my skills and interests prior to graduating.  I would also advise students never to say “no” to an opportunity, whether academically or professionally.  Even if it wasn’t in your original “plan”, you never know where it can lead.

Are there any websites, links or other tools you would recommend to Global Studies majors for career planning?

Idealist and Indeed are two of the most obviously helpful job boards, along with LinkedIn where you can search specific organizations for personal connections.  I also think the PND Job Bulletin from the Foundation Center is a great resource, as is getting on the Colby Alumni Jobs listserv for the city you are hoping to live in. Finally, the BC Center for Corporate Citizenship job board and the Net Impact job board are two great places to discover an array of interesting jobs.