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How do I fulfill my language requirement?

You must take two courses beyond the 127 level; this will most frequently  be 128 and 131 or 135.

What if I am studying a language not offered at Colby such as Nepali, Korean  or Hebrew?

If you continue this study independently you may inquire through the director about certification through a test such as that offered at Harvard.  It will be incumbent upon you to prove that you have passed through the equivalent of a 131 Colby level class.

I came to Colby and began in Spanish 135.  Do I have to take another language course?

No.  We are interested in assuring that you have a basic level of functional fluency.   If you began at an advanced level we would count the first course or courses at or above 131.  That is, if you only take 135 or only take 231, this course will count into your GPA for the GS  major and it will satisfy your language requirement.

Should I take more than one language?

In our globalizing world,  this is a good idea if you have the time!  If you think you are going to be in a career competing, for example, with Europeans, they may have more than two languages.

Do upper level literature courses count toward area studies?

Absolutely;  this is a great way to learn about a culture.