Letter from the Director

I am particularly impressed this spring by the engagement of Colby students. Piloting a concept of Colby labs that asks students to address a challenge of a public affairs organization, I travelled this January to Lima, Peru, with three amazing students for a baseline study of early interventions in infant mental health. In collaboration with Colby’s Latin American Studies Program, Emma Hofman ’20, Paula Jaramillo ’20, and Valerie Mejia ’19 conducted sophisticated and empathetic interviews with mothers experiencing stressors of poverty in support of the programming for the NGO Supporting Child Caregivers. Psychology Professor Martha Arterberry and I continue to work with this group to provide inputs for programming and evaluation.

I was also especially captivated by the spirit of the Goldfarb/DavisConnects facilitated DC internship group and Hill-to-Hill networking program. As you can see in the video below, students took terrific advantage of the alumni bridge between Mayflower and Capitol Hill. In their trip wrap up, they beautifully articulated the strong “sense of community that exists among Colby alums and their eagerness to help current students.” Students returned empowered to pursue pathways in public affairs thanks to the generosity of both funders of the Sandy Maisel Internships and the DC Alums who extended such a warm welcome. We will run these paired programs again next year. If you have suggestions for internships or site visits, please share them with us here. If you are in the DC area, these students (and I) hope to see you for the reprise of their January trip and the Dare Northward campaign launch on Tuesday, April 10!

Spring programming kicked off with the Republican pairing to the fall Democratic gubernatorial debate. The buzz in the room was squarely around not only the candidates, but also the professional performance of Colby student moderators Jack O’Brien’20 and Rachel (Ray) Ryan ’19. We may yet see them again on stage as debaters in their own political futures. Planning continues for the student led visit of Tarana Burke; Katherine Cabrera-Hunt ’18 and her colleagues at the Pugh Community Board have been master organizers of this co-sponsored event.

Throughout these experiences, Colby students are exhibiting a renewed commitment to public affairs and developing deeper confidence in their abilities to shape agendas in our complex world. You have read about the rising credentials of students admitted to Colby. I am privileged to be working with these talented students and honored to connect them to the rich tradition of Colby alums working in public affairs. Thank you to all who have contributed to the journeys of these extraordinary students.

In a closing note of appreciation, I want to thank Tim Dobyns and Emma Hunter for stepping in to fill the gap when Amanda Cooley moved over to Husson College last fall. Their insights and energy have greatly contributed to Goldfarb programming this spring. Tim will begin full-time in Colby’s Advancement Office and Emma will be working with Colby’s awesome CAPS program. So if you know of someone who might contribute to building the culture of student engagement at the Goldfarb Center, please look for our upcoming job posting on Colby’s Human Resources page.

Best regards,
Patrice Franko
Director, Goldfarb Center for Public Affairs
Grossman Professor of Economics and Global Studies

JanPlanWashington DC Facilitated Internship | Jan Plan 2018

During Jan Plan 2018, 12 Colby students traveled to the nation’s capital to intern with some of the country’s most prestigious NGOs, think tanks, government agencies, and politicians. This was the inaugural year of the Goldfarb Center’s DC Facilitated Internship, and we look forward to offering this opportunity for many years to come.
Watch the recap video of the program below, which includes interviews with program organizers Patrice Franko and Robert Hoopes ’89, internship sponsor Laura Maloney ’12, and students Natalie Oakes ’18, Graciela Lopez ’18, Ella Jackson ’19, and Asa Berolzheimer ’20. The group of 12 interns was then jointed by 17 additional students for H2H-Mayflower Hill to Capitol Hill-where Colby students were introduced to a range of career opportunities in the DC policy world.

Ultimate Insiders: White House Photographers and How They Shape History

February 22, 2018: Ken Walsh, Chief White House correspondent for U.S. News and World Report, presented a series of presidential photos from his book, Ultimate Insiders: White House Photographers and How They Shape History. Walsh entertained the gathered audience with stories that provided a more intimate look into the personal lives of American presidents and how each has been perceived through the lens of the camera.

The series began with Abraham Lincoln and continued to the present day with current president Donald Trump. It also focused on the photographers behind many of these iconic images. A major emphasis of the presentation revolved around how photography has had the effect of shaping the American presidency and public perception.


JanPlanMaine Republican Gubernatorial Debate

Candidate Garrett Mason introduces himself to Colby student and debate moderator Jack O’Brien ’20.
February 26, 2018: Moderated by Colby students Rachel Ryan ’19 and Jack O’Brien ’20, the Goldfarb Center hosted the first republican debate of the 2018 Maine Gubernatorial race. The first democratic debate was also hosted by the Goldfarb Center in November of 2017. Featuring candidates Mike Thibodeau, Ken Fredette, Senator Garrett Mason, Mary Mayhew, and Shawn Moody, the candidates introduced themselves to voters while discussing issues such as bringing more young people to Maine, how to grow the state economy and employment opportunities, and the second amendment.

Amy Walter: Trumpian Politics and the 2018 Midterms

March 12, 2018: Professors Carrie LeVan and Dan Shea hosted a conversation with Amy Walter ’19 in the Parker-Reed room at the Schair-Swenson-Watson Alumni Center. Walter is an alumna of the College from the Class of 1991 and currently serves as the senior editor of the Cook Political Report.

Over breakfast, Walter examined America’s current political climate and shared her insights about the role of the American media with an energized group of Colby students. She touched on the changing demographics of politics and how this has catalyzed a reorientation of America’s two major political parties.
Walter and the group of Colby students also discussed the upcoming midterm elections and potential candidates for the 2020 presidential election.

Watch full video of the event

Upcoming Spring 2018 Events and Cosponsorships

The Goldfarb Center is excited to offer a premier slate of events and guest speakers in spring 2018. Please stay tuned to this newsletter, social media, and our website for the most up-to-date information.
2018 Morton A. Brody Award for Distinguished Judicial Service
April 22 | 4 p.m. panel | 5:30 pm award Ostrove Auditorium, 142 Diamond


The biennial Brody Award for 2018 will be presented to Judge Anita Brody, Senior United States District Judge for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania.  Appointed by President George H.W. Bush in 1991, Judge Brody (no relation to Morton A. Brody) is best known for presiding over the lawsuits and settlements relating to concussions in the NFL.


#MeToo, Tarana Burke
April 30 | 7 p.m. | Page Commons


We are thrilled to partner with the Pugh Community Board to welcome civil rights activist and creator of the #MeToo movement, Tarana Burke, to the Colby campus. Tarana will present a lecture followed by an audience Q&A.


2018 Mitchell Lecture
May 6 | 7 p.m. | Ostrove Auditorium, Diamond Building


World Bank CEO Kristalina Georgieva will join us to present a speech entitled “The role of the World Bank: Why we dare to confront global challenges.” We are thrilled to have Ms. Georgieva visit Colby College to discuss one of the world’s preeminent IGOs.


The Goldfarb Center is also co-sponsoring two spring conferences:
  • Colby Professor of Education Adam Howard will showcase work accomplished with Colby students and the support of the Goldfarb Center in his mini-conference on social class awareness. Australian Professor of Education Jane Kenway will headline the mini-conference with a speech entitled “Elite schools, class disavowal, and the mystification of virtues.” The speech will take place at 7 p.m. on Wednesday, April 11 in Diamond 122.
  • Sandy Maisel will be joined by several of the chapter authors of the book he co-edited with Hannah Dineen ’17,  Trumping Ethical Norms: Teachers, Preachers, Pollsters, and the Media Respond to Donald Trump. The mini-conference on Thursday, April 12, will begin with a panel, “Religious Leaders Respond to Donald Trump,” at 4:00 PM in Diamond 122, with panelists Rabbi Erica Asch, Colby’s Hillel Rabbi and assistant director of the Center for Small Town Jewish Life; Father Michael Rozier, a Jesuit priest from Michigan who has written about Catholic responses to political issues; and Pastor Carl Ruby, an evangelical minister from Ohio who has written about how he and Imam Yunus Lasania came together because of Donald Trump. At 7:00 PM, also in Diamond 122, David Shribman, executive editor of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Professor Paula McClain and Nura Sediqe from Duke University, and Professor Aaron Hanlon from Colby’s English Department, will discuss how journalists and professors have responded to challenges posed by candidate and now-President Trump.
Best spring wishes from the Goldfarb Center for Public Affairs, and we hope to see many of you at upcoming events!