Hello Colby!

We hope that you are staying safe and healthy off of Mayflower Hill. We miss you all tons!

It is officially that time of the year again: nominations and elections for the Goldfarb Student Executive Board (GSEC). For the first time, we are opening this up to the entire student body. The GSEC consists of two co-chairs and two representatives from each class year. The Goldfarb Center for Public Affairs is seeking individuals who are passionate about current events, interested in public policy, and aspire to build their leadership skills. In collaboration with the larger committee, board members are responsible for helping develop and execute a slate of events that relate to pressing public affairs issues.

The student representative for each class is responsible for representing the programming interests of their corresponding class. They are responsible for holding weekly office hours so that their constituents can give feedback and present ideas for future events. Additionally, they are obligated to report their constituent’s desires to the greater GSEC board in order to better inform programming. The co-chairs are responsible for managing the student representatives and creating cohesion among GSEC. They also act as liaisons between GSEC and Goldfarb staff in order to effectively communicate programming desires from the student perspective.

To be successful in any of these positions, individuals need to exemplify strong leadership abilities and have effective communication skills with their peers. They should also be deeply dedicated to aiding the Colby College community by promoting student initiatives.

We are accepting self-nominations for all positions at this time. Please email Sherry Berard, Assistant Director of the Goldfarb Center, (saberard@colby.edu) to nominate yourself. With your nomination, please include a short statement about yourself and why you want this position. Nominations are due by midnight on Friday, May 8th. After that period, elections will shortly follow.

Join us for an Election Info Session via ZOOM this Monday, May 4th at 4 PM to learn more! Our new Executive Director of the Goldfarb Center, Kimberly Flowers, will talk about what it means to be a student representative and share more information about the Goldfarb Center. All are welcomed to attend!

Join Zoom Meeting


Meeting ID: 954 0677 0264
Password: 800578

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out at any time. Best of luck!

Warmest Regards,

Gen & Chasity

Our Mission:

The Goldfarb Student Engagement Committee (GSEC) works to advance the Goldfarb Center’s efforts to connect Colby to the world of public affairs and inspire active citizenship while exploring creative, interdisciplinary approaches to complex challenges. The GSEC collaborates with Goldfarb Center faculty and staff to foster student engagement with public affairs through participation in Goldfarb Center events and leadership training.

Our Vision:

To cultivate a community within Colby that values diversity of thought and promotes intellectual discussions about current public affairs issues.


The GSEC consists of a larger engagement committee and a smaller Executive Board, selected on the basis of leadership, scholarship, commitment to public affairs, professionalism, and desire to advance the mission of the Goldfarb Center. The Executive Board is comprised of two co-chairs and two representatives from each class year. Board members help develop and execute a slate of events that relate to pressing public affairs issues, in collaboration with the larger committee.

Interested in becoming involved in our student board? Email Sherry Berard, Assistant Director of the Goldfarb Center, at saberard@colby.edu

Executive Board

  • Chasity McFadden ’20 and Genesis Cazalez ’21 (co-chairs)
  • Ian Baum ‘20
  • Tessa Schrupp ’20
  • Meredith Allen ‘21
  • Lukas Alexander ’22

Student Engagement Committee Members

  • Amber Churchwell ’20
  • Saduo Dangui ‘20
  • Iliana Eber ‘20
  • Eli French ’20
  • Ileana Glyptis ‘20
  • Emma Hofman ’20
  • Cassidy Holzer ’20
  • Paula Jaramillo ’20
  • Juan Luna ’20
  • Liam McDonough ’20
  • Ethan Schlager ’20
  • Jonathan Stempel ’20
  • Shivani Trivedi ‘20
  • Chioma Akali ’21
  • Nicole Byrd ’21
  • Mellanie Charar ’21
  • Billy Costello ’21
  • Micaela Duran ’21
  • Elizabeth Ewing ’21
  • Jenniber Franco ’21
  • Charlyna Gonzales ’21
  • Ashlee Guevara ’21
  • Eleanor Harlan ’21
  • Jack Indritz ’21
  • Andres Lovon Roman ’21
  • Rachel Powers ’21
  • Wallace Tucker ’21
  • Chloe Wan ’21
  • Clarisse Allehaut ’22
  • Lauren Gervais ’22
  • Emma Gilmore ’22
  • Brett Holmes ’22
  • Morgan Honor ’22
  • Ravi Joshi-Wander ’22
  • Aimely Michaud-Nolan ’22
  • Andrew Ordentlich ’22
  • Alex Ozols ’22
  • Jacob Renneisen ’22
  • Rohil Rohildev ’22
  • David Serrano ’22
  • Shalini Somar ’22
  • Audrey Vaver ’22
  • Mingwei Zhu ’22

For more information, please contact:

Sherry Berard
Assistant Director