The Goldfarb Center for Public Affairs and Civic Engagement invites proposals for the development of new or revision of existing civic engagement courses. The goal of the Goldfarb Center is offering these funds to increase the number of civic engagement courses offered at the college, across a broad range of disciplines.


Grants may be for up to $2500. The program intentionally provides maximum flexibility; expenses may include a stipend for the time spent developing the course, costs of materials for development of the course, and other expenses likely to be incurred in delivering the course for the first time.


Applicants should submit a proposal that clearly lays out the following information:

  • the proposed civic engagement project
  • project goals and objectives
  • the likely community partner
  • a proposed budget with itemization of projected expenses and rationale

Courses must meet the following guidelines:

Civic Engagement courses include a service component in which students engage the community in a valuable, significant, and necessary activity that has real consequences for the communities involved. Civic engagement courses are not developed in a vacuum but are shaped to respond to the self-identified needs of such communities. The needs of the community dictate the type of civic engagement in which the students are involved. Grant proposals will be judged according to the following:

  1. Clear and well thought-out goals for students and community.
  2. Academic rigor
  3. An in-class experience—readings, discussions and presentations– that will enable students to better understand the community component of their experience and connect it to course content.
  4. A structured process of reflection and analysis on the community experience built into the course and linking the experience to course goals.
  5. Presentation of the results to the community partner/public.
  6. A plan for offering the course at least twice — the strongest proposals will be for courses likely to become a regular part of the curriculum beyond the initial offerings.

Deadline: Grant applications are due by October 27, 2016. Please submit all materials electronically to Proposals will be evaluated by the Center’s Grants Review Committee, which will make a recommendation to the Goldfarb Center Director. Note: We expect that any civic engagement courses resulting from this grant will be identified as such in the course catalogue. Recipients are required to submit to Alice Elliott, the Goldfarb Center Associate Director, a brief report following completion of the project summarizing the experience. A detailed report of all expenses paid for by the grant money (including copies of receipts organized by date) must be submitted. In addition, we will ask for a brief, 300 +/- word article for the Goldfarb Center newsletter about the project. Failure to do so will preclude future grants. Reports are due 10 days after the end of the semester in which the course is taught. One year of renewal funding is available with evidence of future departmental support of the project.

Further Information: contact Alice Elliott, Goldfarb Center Associate Director of Community Outreach and Programming. Resources available include: individual coaching, research on courses at like institutions, sample syllabi, readings and more. You can reach Alice at x5313 or via email at