The Goldfarb Center for Public Affairs and Civic Engagement invites proposals from Colby faculty to run conferences on the Colby campus.

This program is designed for Colby faculty and other experts to examine important public issues or other matters related to public affairs and/or civic engagement; conferences should approach the topic from an interdisciplinary perspective. Additionally, Colby students must be involved in the conference, ideally in planning the conference, as active participants (such as in a workshop), as guests at small meals, or as lecture attendees.

We encourage applications that take a variety of approaches.  Conferences may examine a contemporary topic from a variety of perspectives; they may provide a forum for presenting new research on a particular topic; they may bring together a group of scholars to explore means to undertake new research; they may focus on pedagogical techniques or means to teach a particular subject.

Similarly, we encourage applicants to design conference formats that are appropriate to the subject matter.  Some conferences may occur over a day or a weekend; others may present panels over a period of weeks while others may occur over a longer period of time.

Funding:  Grants may be for up to $10,000 per conference.  Funding may be used for related conference expenses including, but not limited to: honoraria for participants, travel to/ from Colby and associated lodging and meals, purchase of research materials, publicity, and printing and/or disseminating the conference proceedings, and stipends for student assistants. It is our hope to fund one or two conferences each year, preferably in the spring semester.

Proposals:  Applicants should submit conference proposals with as much detail as possible.  All proposals should include the following information:

● The nature of the specific questions/topics to be examined and its connection to the mission of the Goldfarb Center

● the proposed format

● a list of potential participants (with appropriate information on who they are)

● a discussion of the anticipated audience for the conference (students, area residents, other professionals, a wider audience, etc.

● a suggested date for the conference and any constraints that might determine the timing

● a proposed budget with details of anticipated expenses

● the intended end product that will result from the conference

Product:  If the conference might appeal to a wider audience, please indicate whether video or audio taping is desired (and permitted) by the participants to allow preliminary discussion on means of dissemination.  Similarly, if papers are prepared for the conference or might result from it the Goldfarb Center should be listed as a primary funding source on all documents.  If students are involved, it is hoped that they will make a separate presentation as part of the Colby Undergraduate Research Symposium.  It is expected that grantees will submit the product to the Colby Digital Commons (note: this can be done so as not to prejudice publication rights). Faculty conference sponsors will be named as Goldfarb Center Fellows for the academic year in which the conference takes place and should include that designation as well as academic titles in all publications resulting from this grant. NOTE: Included in the end product of the research, recipients are required to submit to the Goldfarb Center Assistant Director, a detailed report of all expenses paid for by the grant money (including copies of receipts organized by date). Failure to do so will preclude future grants. Reports are due 10 days after the close of the conference.

Deadline: Grant applications are due by March 17, 2017. Please submit all materials electronically to Proposals will be evaluated by the Center’s Grants Review Committee, which will make a recommendation to the Goldfarb Center Director.

Further information: contact Goldfarb Center Associate Director Gail Carlson at Questions regarding the proposed budget should be directed to the Assistant Director, ext. 5319.