Friends of the Goldfarb Center Seminars are personal enrichment courses offered at no cost to the area community.  Seminars often feature retired Colby faculty who still enjoy sharing their passion for teaching.  Generally, two or three seminars are offered each year; registration is required.  Seminars are announced through the Friends of the Goldfarb Center e-mail list and here on the website.

I am pleased to share with you that Professor Pat Brancaccio will be offering a free community seminar this fall.  The seminar will be held on 8 consecutive Tuesdays at 4 pm beginning September 26.


Comedy and Controversy: The Career of Charlie Chaplin (1889 – 1977)

In the twenty-first century, Charlie Chaplin is recognized as one of the great actors and creators of film since the invention of the motion picture. He has been recognized as an artist whose talents as mime, actor, screenwriter, director, and composer have earned him honors as varied as the Academy Award, the French Legion of Honor, and his face on a postage stamp. He has even had a minor planet named after him by a Russian astronomer.

As a public figure whose celebrity reached the intensity of later rock stars his life and work were often marked by personal scandal and political controversy. While these aspects of his life will be touched upon in this seminar, the emphasis will be on the filmmaking itself. We will have the opportunity to view a body of work that includes some of the feature films, both silent and sound, that have been repeatedly selected as some of the best in cinematic history.

The course will meet every Tuesday at 4 pm beginning September 26.  To register, please complete the form below.

Comedy and Controversy: The Career of Charlie Chaplin (1889—1977) -- Course Registration

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