During Jan Plan 2018, 12 Colby students will be immersed in a unique internship program in our nation’s capital. Cosponsored by the Goldfarb Center for Public Affairs and DavisConnects, the internship placed the students with top companies in D.C., including NGOs, public affairs firms, government agencies, political campaigns, media companies, and senate offices. Students will gain valuable career experience and engage in networking opportunities with fellow students and the strong network of Colby alumni, parents, and friends in the capital. Follow along in the month of January as we update the student blog.


Read the 2018 Jan Plan in D.C. Student Blog


Students may obtain their own related internship or work with the Goldfarb Center and DavisConnects to secure internships in organizations spread throughout the Washington policy community–on the Hill, with interest groups or NGOs, in the executive branch, with lobbyists or the media, etc. As part of the facilitated internship experience, students will come together once or twice per week for sessions on a range of policy-related topics hosted by alumni, parents, or friends of the College. Through these joint sessions, students will gain a deeper understanding of the Washington policy process. Additionally, each intern will be paired with a young alumni mentor during their stay in D.C. to solicit advice on launching policy careers.

The facilitated internship experience includes required participation in a capstone program beginning the afternoon of Thursday, Feb. 1 and ending midday on Saturday, Feb. 3. The program will include a series of site visits, policy talks, networking receptions, speed mock interviews, and more. These sessions provide students with an opportunity to engage with experts on public policy issues, explore career opportunities in government and politics, network with alumni, and tour the capital. Details on the components to this capstone programming are currently being finalized; please visit the trip website here to learn more. You will be joined by up to 15 additional students only participating in the capstone.

Goldfarb Center funding will be available for up to five D.C.-based facilitated internships and capstone networking experiences. All students, including those not seeking financial assistance, must apply for the facilitated internship program (as well as the networking segment) by our grant deadline of November 1, 2017. (Deadline to apply to participate in the capstone only will be posted shortly.)

Funding Guidelines

Internship funding is available to continuing, full-time Colby students toward student expenses, including up to $500 for lost wage compensation. Consistent with the Colby Internship Policy, before funds may be disbursed, your internship must be approved to receive transcript notation.


All applicants, regardless of funding needs, must fill out the form using the following link: https://goo.gl/forms/KKUbnPlFnGLWoSk53.

A complete proposal must also include the following components, which should be emailed to goldfarb-grants@colby.edu. As with all professional applications, please save all documents with your name in the title (ex: Cooley – Budget; Cooley – Resume; etc.)

  • A proposed budget with itemization of projected expenses and rationale (if you require funding)
  • Current resume and an unofficial transcript that includes grades
  • Answers to any questions in the form that exceed the character limit as a Word Document

Other Details

Please insure that all materials have been received by the Center before the deadline. No deadline extensions will be granted. Applications will be evaluated by the Center’s Grants Review Committee, which will make a recommendation to the Goldfarb Center Director. Note: Recipients are required to submit to the Goldfarb Center Assistant Director Sherry Berard (saberard@colby.edu), a brief report following completion of the internship summarizing the experience. A detailed report of all expenses paid for by the grant money (including copies of receipts organized by date) must be submitted. Failure to do so will preclude future grants from the Center.

Further information: please consult DavisConnect’s internship FAQ. For further questions contact Goldfarb Center Assistant Director Sherry Berard at saberard@colby.edu.