The Rubric

Judging Rubric

Scientific/Technical Accuracy (20 points)

  • The problem is stated clearly and unambiguously.
  • The solutions presented are grounded in scientific principles.
  • Scientific and/or technical facts and principles are correct and stated accurately throughout the proposal.

Feasibility (20 points)

  • The solution addresses practical application and potential negative and positive impacts.
  • The solution is cost effective.
  • The solution will not harm other marine species.

Quality Of Research/Methods/Procedures (20 points)

  • Adequate data were collected to support conclusions.
  • Methods for addressing the problem are realistic.
  • Originality and creativity of approach will be considered.

Quality of Written Proposal (20)

  • The proposal is well written and engaging.
  • References are provided for all sources.
  • Graphics, images, and charts/tables are all clearly labeled.
  • Consistent style is used throughout.

Quality of Presentation (20 points)

  • References are provided for all sources.
  • Any graphics, images, and charts/tables in media used are all clearly labeled
  • Consistent style is used throughout.
  • The presentation is engaging, creative and professional.
  • The presentation is delivered in an articulate natural manner; presenters project project enthusiasm, interest, and confidence and use body language effectively.
  • Slides are used effortlessly to enhance presentation; the presentation is effective even without media.
  • Time limits are respected.