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College Journalists Report in the #InformationAge

A One-Day Conference for Student Journalists

October 27, 2015



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The Goldfarb Center for Public Affairs and Civic Engagement at Colby College and the Maine CenterĀ for Public Interest Reporting will offer college newspaper editors, reporters, advisers and those interested in a career in journalism an opportunity to learn about the landscape of reporting in the digital age. In addition to joining in our interactive workshop sessions led by top practitioners in professional media, participants will attend the 2013 Lovejoy Convocation, where some of the nation’s most respected journalists convene to celebrate the achievements of a courageous colleague.

About the Conference

Journalism Conference012The landscape of in-depth reporting has changed dramatically in the digital age.

The collapse of journalism’s business model, the increase in the number of media in which news is reported, the instant availability of vast amounts of information on the Internet, and the speed at which readers expect to receive news are reshaping the industry and the skills required of reporters and editors.

What hasn’t changed is the bedrock need for journalists to act professionally. College news editors and reporters constantly faced difficult ethical questions. A few real-world examples:

  • Should you write a story when you find out a member of the college’s winning sports team has a police record?
  • How do you report on a professor’s arrest — when that professor teaches you in a class and administration has tried to downplay the arrest?
  • What do you do when your roommate begs you not to report on her suspension because it could hurt her job prospects after college?
  • A trusted fellow student claims he knows who set fire to a residence hall but asks you not to name him as a source. Is that enough information to break the story?

This conference, featuring award-winning journalists, will answer these questions and more.